Silke's Grossfacticen - Welt
Silke's Giant Factice - World

La Monde des Factices Géants (grands flacons de décoration) de Silke

(singular is pronounced fak-TEECE)
DEFINITION: "Fake!" But to be more precise, a factice is a bottle made for the purpose of display, not for sale. It is considered to be a "dummy" instead of the real thing. Factices come in a variety of sizes from small to giant. Most collectors prefer the giant size. Factices don't have real perfume or cologne in them (with a few exceptions); usually they are filled with a solution made to resemble the real perfume. An alcohol or formaldehyde mixture is usually used. The glass itself may be of the same quality as the bottles filled with perfumes but the contents are not. Factices are advertising pieces.

They make a grand statement displayed on your vanity or anywhere that you want to add a touch of glam.

All Factice Perfume Bottles will be shipped from Germany. Due to the high weight of the bottles the average shipping costs for a giant Factice to the USA, Canada and Overseas will be $50.00 US. For Europe the average shipping costs will be $35.00 US. You may email me with questions about exact shipping costs for a specific bottle or any other questions you may have. I will ship worldwide and accept payments via PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer. For European buyers it is possible to pay in Euro. Please ask for the exact Euro-price. If you are looking for a certain giant factice please send me an email , because not all available bottles are listed yet. I'm also interested if YOU want to sell your giant factices. email

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Liz Taylor - Diamonds & Saphires Factice Perfume Bottle

Diamonds & Saphires Factice Perfume Bottle by Liz Taylor

Size: 11"
Price: $1250.00


Picasso 21" Factice Perfume Bottle

Very RARE Picasso 21" and numbered 196/1000. There are only 1000 pieces worldwide.

Size: 21"
Price: $2000.00


Balenciaga - Cristobal 11" Factice Perfume Bottle

Balenciaga - Cristobal 11". Excellent condition.

Size: 11"
Price: $350.00



Andy Warhol The Dollar Factice Perfume Bottle 16"

HUGE 16" Andy Warhol "The Dollar" factice perfume bottle. This factice is very rare. Only a few existing worldwide

Size: 16"
Price: $750.00


Chiemsee Factice Perfume Bottle Giant 16"

Chiemsee Factice Perfume Bottle. This bottle is in Excellent Condition and is priced to sell.

Size: 16"
Price: $125.00


Sisley - Eau du Soir Factice Perfume Bottle

Sisley - Eau du Soir 10" Factice Perfume Bottle. Excellent Condition

Price: $195.00



Factice Perfume Bottles Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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